A new law in Virginia makes it possible for students to take a day off from classes for mental health when they’re feeling out of sorts.

The law, which correlates with those of several other states, allows students to take a mental health day for a better understanding surrounding the importance of self-care as schools try to figure out how to better support students, according to WJLA-TV (Channel 7).

Leigh McInnis, executive director of Newport Academy Virginia, a nationwide mental health treatment facility for adolescents with primary mental health disorders, said that while school is a priority, education and the ability to learn are negatively affected when suffering emotionally.

“This is a big step in mental health advocacy. If we can acknowledge that our mental health takes priority and that sometimes we need to create space to care for our mental health, then I think that’s a big step for Virginia and the states that are participating in this,” McInnis told WJLA.

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