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Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation launched on Tuesday “Grow Prince George’s,” an “economic gardening” initiative.

The program is a comprehensive training series to support Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color (BPOC) women and Latino entrepreneurs in the county. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills to enhance their entrepreneurial journey and achieve business success.

Grow Prince George’s is designed to meet the unique needs of established small to mid-sized firms that have surpassed the startup phase and are seeking strategies to propel their growth to new heights.

“Under the Grow Prince George’s banner, PGCEDC has produced several training programs that have positively impacted the BIOPIC, Latino and women-owned entrepreneurial community of Prince George’s County,” said Ebony Stocks, PGCEDC executive vice president. “With a varied focus on multiple underserved areas of economic development, this initiative is how we Grow Prince George’s. Expansion starts here.”

Grow Prince George’s encompasses efforts such as C-Suite Accelerator Company Showcase and Open House, Podcast Media Training Program, Financial Fitness, Latino Small Business Development Program, Website Essentials for Small Business, and Next Level Ventures.

Founded in 1987 by Chris Gibbons and Jim Woods, economic gardening is the country’s oldest and best-tested entrepreneurial economic development program. In essence, economic gardening encourages developers to search on the local level for area entrepreneurs to help grow companies.

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