By Tayana Lewis
Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times

Rihanna leaves fans cringing in excitement and shock with “B**** Better Have My Money” – her latest music video.

The chart topping singer released the self-directed bloody thriller on Vevo Thursday at midnight.

“This isn’t a video! It’s a freaking MOVIE #BBHMMVideo,” said one fan on Twitter.

The video revolves around Rihanna kidnapping her accountant’s wife.

It is rumored to be a revenge fantasy for Rihanna.

Last year the singer sued her accountant, Peter Gounis, for giving her bad advice on buying a home in 2009 that left her bankrupt.

In the video, Rihanna had a special weapon, reserved for her accountant, labeled “F—ed up my credit,” which explains why the artist may still hold a grudge against Gounis.

With explicit scenes of her helpless prey tied up naked in the backseat of her car, Rihanna brings a dark and daring meaning to the bossy song.

Although the video was gruesome, she and her lady goons made the situation one big party with drinks, marijuana and balloons.

“I would love to be that White lady in the video,” said a fan, referring to the accountant’s wife.

However, 80 fans did have the pleasure of being abducted by Rihanna.

Tidal offered a drawing to its first 80 participants, which gave fans the opportunity to see the video for the first time and meet Rihanna.

Making the experience more suitable for the occasion, fans were blind folded, put on a bus with blacked out windows, and led to a remote location.

Rihanna shared clips of the event on Snap Chat, where she danced and threw money at her lucky “victims.” The night ended with a large group selfie.

The video is now at 7 million views on Vevo alone in less than 24 hours, with the hashtag #BBHMMVideo still trending 22 hours later.

Many believe Rihanna has set the bar pretty high with this one.

What will the singer come up with next?

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