Aaron Holmes (Courtesy photo)
Aaron Holmes (Courtesy photo)

LaRuby May officially has a challenger in the Ward 8 City Council race.

Aaron Holmes, a unknown newcomer millennial, announced his candidacy Friday at the R.I.S.E Demonstration Center in Southeast.

While making his case against May, Holmes took a swipe against Mayor Muriel Bowser.

“Challenging leadership that runs on making public transportation free for kids, then turns its back on those very same children by pushing for harsher penalties on crimes committed on Metro — leadership that points fingers at other officials instead of fighting for the type of neighborhood schools that would negate the need to rely on Metro in the first place,” Holmes said. “We can do better. We can do much better than laws that fortify thinly veiled stereotypes, allowing the actions of so few to blacken the eyes of so many.

“We must eradicate stereotypes that unfairly paint a picture of a recent graduate who puts a Ward 8 address on a resume, or a college student standing at an ATM,” he said. “An address within Ward 8 is a badge of honor. … We need an effective advocate. I am that advocate.”

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