With the rise of blockchain and Web3 technology moving into consumer markets, Nike Virtual Studios seeks to apply these networks for future community engagement. .SWOOSH, Nike’s Web3-enabled platform, is currently undergoing its limited beta phases, but that hasn’t stopped its lead product team from inviting communities to connect with them as creative advocates.

The .SWOOSH Sessions is Nike’s approach to initializing dialogue between local communities by holding discussions in affiliated stores. Including local influences, the .SWOOSH Sessions actualizes the platform’s growing values and further advocates for community-building capabilities. As stated in its outreach flyer, “No pre-existing knowledge is necessary, just come with an open mind and bring your curiosity, allowing everyone to join the conversation.

Along First Street SE, a long line awaits outside the cafe/clothing store SOMEWHERE, a known neighborhood space in

Southeast D.C. painters, recording artists, sneakerheads, NFT collectors, and known cultural architects populated these lines. Upon entrance, leatherbound journals branding the infamous Swoosh logo were given to attendees as staff members outfitted in Nike Tech Apparel led people into their seats.

Seated in front of the audience was Jasmine Watkins, .SWOOSH’s Community and Content Manager, Isaiah Andrew, the Creative Director of the platform, and Jasmine Gao, the Lead Product Manager. This trio of speakers introduced the audience to Nike’s Web3 leadership and a rich diversity of disciplines to connect around. WI

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