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The third batch of stimulus payments for coronavirus relief continues to be sent out, but those who haven’t gotten theirs by Wednesday should start checking the mailbox instead of their bank accounts.

The Treasury Department announced this week that no more direct-deposit payments will be made after Wednesday, so Americans still awaiting their money should now look for a mailed check or prepaid debit card.

The department announced last week that it had sent $242 billion worth of payments to 90 million Americans. Many of them received a text that there was a pending deposit earmarked for their bank account.

To track the status of a stimulus payment, use the “Get My Payment” feature on the IRS website.

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  1. I’m on SSD this is all BS , what happened to us .? Mail a check .? When last two stimulus went into my checking account IRS is not handling good at all WE ARE ALWAYS LAST

  2. My question is when will people on ssi SSDI and Ssa receive their payment we all have direct deposit yet still haven’t RECIEVED the money.Just because we are retired or disabled doesn’t mean that we don’t have a need for the extra money

  3. I still haven’t got .y 2nd stimulus. Oand I cant get anyone from irs to help out this.

  4. They want to MAIL CHECKS? I just got a piece of mail TODAY from Social Security appointment on FEBRUARY 9TH. I WANT DIRECT DEPISIT. WE WILL NEVER GET THOSE PAPER CHECKS.

  5. I am still waiting for my $ from h&r block . i havent recived nothing yet. I didnt get the 1,200 or 600 and now the 1,400 im waiting for my refund and i still havent gotten it. I was accapted but haven’t recived it.

    1. I got first 2 am on social security now their saying no more direct deposit! Get my payment tool is useless still showing Not Processed never changes!! My bank account hasn’t changed so what is going on?

  6. I haven’t gotten my second $600.00 yet either. I live on SSI and raising my grandson. Could really use that money. He needs clothes. He’s growing out of all his AND no extra money to get him clothes.

  7. Yes I was writing because I know I get a widow’s benefit check every month I am 10-158 and I was just wondering am I going to be getting a fourth stimulus cuz I did get all the other three ones so I just like to know so I know it would help me out some things I have to pay thank you

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