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Though roughly 90 million Americans received stimulus checks Wednesday, many haven’t gotten theirs yet — but their money could simply be caught up in waves of checks slated for direct deposit, paper check or prepaid debit card by the end of March.

Other factors that may cause delays, per

– You no longer qualify because of your income. Individuals making more than $80,000 and couples who earned more than $160,000 combined are ineligible. Individuals making between $75,000 and $80,000 would have their checks reduced by $100 for every $1,000 over $75,000. So for instance, someone with an income of $79,000 would receive $1,000 instead of the full $1,400 allotted for each individual.
– Your 2020 taxes haven’t been processed yet or you haven’t filed in the past two years. That may also delay your payment, even if you don’t typically have to file a return. That doesn’t mean you won’t receive a payment, but that lack of a tax return could be causing a delay.
– If you have bank issues, your payment will come in the mail and not direct deposit.

The IRS’ “Get My Payment” online tool allows one to track the status of their check, as well as any issues that need to be resolved before the check is issued.

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  1. I really think this is awful that people on ssi and railroad don’t have any money yet. Don’t understand what is going on. Many vets need their money. Didn’t have any problems before getting it. I don’t understand why all this is happening. Seems to me noone really cares. What a disgrace to the American people. Our world is in a big mess. We did as the President asked us to do. This polictial junk is a mess. Someone needs to take charge and get it fixed. I have no trust in anyone running out country. How sad the way things have turned out. So what now?

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