D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton said Monday that a pro-Trump mob’s encroachment of the U.S. Capitol last week underscores the need for the city’s mayor to have the power to deploy the National Guard in case of national emergencies.

Mayor Muriel Bowser could only watch and wait as hundreds of Trump supporters raided the Capitol while an inadequate number of police officers struggled to protect members of the House and the Senate.

“No one has ever seen an assault on the U.S. Capitol [since] the 19th century, but that is what we had,” Norton told The Washington Informer. “This place was invaded, broken down and as a result had to be humiliated.

“I have a bill to have a commission, very much like the 9/11 commission, so that we can have an objective look as to what happened,” she said.

While the Democrats introduced legislation calling for the removal of Trump through the 25th Amendment, Norton said she is instead calling for a censure resolution.

“We are not going to be able to have remedies like the 25th Amendment or impeachment in both houses of Congress,” she said.

Norton, who was not in the House chamber during the uprising, sat Monday in her office at the Rayburn House Office Building, which is now being protected by National Guard troops as well as Capitol Police officers.

“I was not here but many people couldn’t get out — it was a real siege,” she said.

Bowser was unable to call on the Guard at her own discretion because the District is not a state, but Norton said she is drafting legislation to change that.

“Even without statehood, I have a bill that would allow the mayor to call out the National Guard and that didn’t happen until late because she didn’t get that permission,” she said. “The president is the one who gives her permission and he is the one who started the riots in the first place. Now we see what happens when the mayor is not in control of her own National Guard.”

The congresswoman said that she is optimistic about remedying such issues, however, since Democrats will soon be in control of Congress and the White House.

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