Flag of the District of Columbia (Courtesy of dpw.dc.gov)
Flag of the District of Columbia (Courtesy of dpw.dc.gov)

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has vowed to defeat a bill introduced by a Republican congressman that she said would make it more difficult to vote and administer elections in the city.

Davis, the ranking member on the Committee on House Administration, has introduced the American Confidence in Elections: District of Columbia Election Integrity and Voter Confidence Act, which would, among other things, require photo identification or a Social Security number to vote, stop same-day registration and prohibit the automatic mailing of ballots to voters.

Norton dismisses Davis’ bill as a GOP power grab.

“It is ironic that Republicans are abusing their undemocratic power over D.C. to make voting harder in a jurisdiction that is denied voting representation in Congress,” she said. “While I will defeat this bill, this bill is the latest indication of the wide-ranging Home Rule attacks D.C. will face if Republicans take over the House next Congress.”    

The bill would also require the removal of names from voting rolls, ban — with limited exceptions — a person from collecting a mail ballot completed by another person, require mail ballots to be received by the close of the polls and require election results to be announced by 10 a.m. the day after the election.

Additionally, the measure would prohibit noncitizens from voting, give partisan poll watchers unfettered access to polling sites and permit them to challenge ballots and tabulations and allow the public to observe the testing of election equipment.

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  1. Only 27% of registered voters voted in the June primary.

    Muriel Bowser was just elected to a third term with only 14% of voters showing up to vote for her.

    What “democracy” is Delegate Norton speaking about?

    We actually need Congress to re-structure DC – with term limits and with more people elected at the Ward level (local Ward school boards, sheriff’s offices, and zoning boards) – in order to HAVE democracy in DC.

    This would take a lot of power away from Delegate Norton and Mayor Bowser.

    And give it to citizens.

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