The National Transportation Safety Board criticized Metro in a report released Tuesday for its handling of the January 2015 incident after smoke filled a train on the Yellow Line at the L’Enfant Plaza station in southwest D.C.

According to an executive summary, the failure to follow its own safety procedures, poor maintenance and not learning from 12 other accidents investigation by the NTSB are some of the reasons that contributed to the death of one passenger died and 91 others injured.

The safety board adopted a report during a meeting and offered nearly two dozen recommendations that include:

• Review and revise your tunnel inspection, maintenance and repair procedures to mitigate water intrusion into tunnels;

• Develop procedures for regular testing of all smoke detectors;

• Retrain Rail Operations Control Center supervisors on all standard operating procedures for emergencies; and

• Implement a regular schedule for the inspection and removal of obstructions from safety walkways and track-bed floors to ensure safe passageways for passengers to use during a tunnel evacuation.

“The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) L’Enfant Plaza station electrical arcing and smoke accident was a prolonged short circuit that consumed power system components resulting from the WMATA’s ineffective inspection and maintenance practices,” according to a synopsis report from NTSB.

NTBS also offered suggestions to the Federal Transit Administration, the D.C. Mayor’s Office, the District’s Office of Unified Communications, which operates the 911 system, and the city’s Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department. Some of those included issuing regulatory safety standards and more training for the District’s call takers and command officers.

Several federal officials released statements that criticized Metro.

“In order to ensure the safety of regional commuters and visitors who travel on the Metro system every day, we must ensure that Metro makes lasting changes that lead to increased safety of the system,” said Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland), who represents the state’s 5th Congressional district. “While I am encouraged by recent actions that Metro’s General Manager Paul Wiedefeld has taken to improve the system’s safety, I am calling on Metro to institute the recommendations of the NTSB report to regain the confidence of its riders and stakeholders.”

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