NubianTV, a Black-oriented television network, is defining itself in the competitive cable market with next-level programming, cutting-edge content, accurate Black images, and information and adventure-filled lifestyle programs, according to company officials.

NubianTV is currently available for streaming and/or app download via Roku, FireTV, Vizio smart TV and is live on Vuit Dingo and the Internet. The network features a multi-medium broadcast property focused on the African American experience and multi-cultural lifestyles.

Its uniquely presented array of offerings is broad-based, including news and information, lifestyle and reality, health & wellness, history, and documentaries., arts and culture, fashion and beauty, travel, food, and entertainment. NubianTV is 100% Black owned and focuses on content for dignified, respected, educated, high-income African Americans.

“As long as the other ‘Black’ networks keep putting up a monolith of what they believe African American culture is about, or that we want to see—namely ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s sitcoms—NubianTV will be successful,” said Darrin D. Leverett, founder and CEO. “We frequently hear that ‘it’s about time,’ and in five years, I see Nubian Television being No. 1—the leader in Black media.”

Gail Gibson, vice president of NubianTV, said it is time to change the narrative on Black programming.

“Our people are tired of the narrative that the Black father is missing from the home,” Gibson said. “I believe that we’re tired of the narrative that says our children only grow up to become rappers and reality TV stars. That is not who we are as a culture, and I believe that NubianTV is positioned to win.”

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