O.J. Simpson granted parole on July 17, 2017. /Courtesy photo
O.J. Simpson granted parole on July 17, 2017. /Courtesy photo

When O. J. Simpson leaves the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada early this fall, he will walk away a free man for the first time in nine years, along with a hefty National Football League pension intact.
According to media reports, Simpson won’t have to give up the$600,00 pension he earned while imprisoned, because NFL pensions come under protection of state law. That means the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman won’t be able to garnish any of the money to help settle a $33.5 million civil claim imposed 20 years ago against the football legend.
In the earlier criminal case, Simpson was acquitted in the murders of Brown Simpson – O.J.’s ex-wife — and her friend, Goldman.
O. J. was granted parole last week during a televised hearing, where he proclaimed himself rehabilitated and ready to re-enter society.
In 2008 he was convicted of a botched 2008 armed robbery in which he attempted to retrieve sports memorabilia that belonged to him.

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