President Obama will take a golf lesson from Tiger Woods’ old swing coach this weekend during a quick golf getaway to Florida.

Butch Harmon and his son, Claude III, are flying in to work with Obama at their School of Golf at the newly-redesigned Floridian golf course in Palm City.

Tim Rosaforte of Golf Digest reports Obama requested a lesson with the Harmons through an aide. He’ll be the latest in a long line of presidents to tee it up with Butch.

“I’ve played golf with Ike, Nixon, Ford and President Bush 41,” Harmon told Rosaforte. “I never played with President Clinton. I met him in the Oval Office. It’ll be interesting. I know the President is a real keen golfer. I’m looking forward to it.”

You can tell Harmon is telling the truth about playing with Eisenhower, given his un-ironic usage of the word “keen.”

Obama’s golf game has reportedly improved in the more than 100 rounds he’s played since taking office. Though he keeps his golfing habits secretive (like his basketball games), various reports put him at an 18 handicap. That’s respectable, but a few hours with Harmon could put Obama in the “pretty good” category.

“He’s just like all of us that play golf,” Harmon told Rosaforte.

Prone to cursing and too much beer consumption?

“He wants to get better,” Harmon finished.

Oh yeah. That too.