During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have transitioned from the office to the home and adjusted to a new normal. This has left many businesses with underutilized office equipment. This effect is compounded when applied to churches, schools, and government-assisted programs where people would gather frequently in large numbers. This has caused some to wonder why they have to pay for equipment or services that they are not fully utilizing. Below are tips that can be applied to a business or organization of any size to save money.

– Copier Machines
Refinance copier machine and downgrade to a smaller, less expensive machine with a lower interest rate.
Negotiate early buyout of the machine. This can be done by calling your local authorized office equipment dealer.
Take advantage of the “early closeout” clause which can be negotiated by your equipment representative. Get reimbursed for the intrinsic value of the machine (25% – 50% full market value).

– Maintenance and Supplies
Renegotiate current maintenance agreements.
Cancel all annual maintenance/service agreements and go on a “cost per copy” agreement. Sometimes called “pay as you go” plans.
Gather all supplies and offer them back to your supplier through a buyback program

– Printing
Outsource larger print/copy jobs (e.g., books, flyers, church programs, architectural drawings, and more).
Be sure you are getting the lowest price. Some larger companies do not offer the best price per copy ($0.15 – $0.30) when compared to their local counterparts ($0.05 – $0.07).

Page Global has been in business for over 25 years and we are a leader in state-of-the-art office equipment in the Washington, Maryland, and Virginia area. We have a strong track record of high-performing machines and excellent customer service. All of our local technicians are certified and experienced with the latest equipment. Given our local presence, we are committed to being faster, simpler, and easier to do business with. We offer competitive pricing, price matching, and a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. Simply, Page Global helps organizations improve performance through a more efficient document management system.

Page Global Certifications:
Minority-owned business (CBE)
Disabled veteran-owned business (DVOB)
GSA supply schedule (8a Certified)

Website: www.PageGlobal.com
Phone Number: 202-296-7247
Call today for your free individualized assessment of your current equipment costs and ways to start saving money now.

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