[Los Angeles Times]

Question: We applied for and received Global Entry status about two years ago. We lost our Global Entry cards on our recent trip to France. We reapplied for new cards, paid our $25 and are now being told we need another interview. Is this really the case? Can we use our passport, fingerprint, etc. upon re-entry without having the card in our possession?

Susan Rosenson

Los Angeles

Answer: If you have Global Entry, you can speed through re-entry into this country, and you also (usually) get to use the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck airport program that lets you in the keep-your-clothes-on line.

If you have paid your $100, have had an interview, have scanned in your fingerprints and you have been OK’d by Customs and Border Protection, Global Entry status is conferred upon you, and you get a cool little card in the mail that comes in a radio-frequency-identification-blocking sleeve. The card shows your Global Entry number, which you’ll need to input when you’re making airline reservations (or, if you’re a frequent flier, it should show up whenever you book with your favorite airline, and I use the word “favorite” loosely). You also may need it for some land border crossings.