With Argentine Ambassador H.E. Gustavo Martinez Pandiani reluctantly counting down the days until his tenure in Barbados comes to an end, his diplomatic work there has not and very likely will not cease.

Having collaborated heavily with Barbados on several sporting and cultural initiatives just shy of three years, Ambassador Pandiani has vowed to keep the diplomatic ties between the two countries alive and well even though he will no longer be stationed here, the Barbados Advocate reported on Oct. 25.

He was speaking during a farewell art exhibit to celebrate his contribution to the development of Barbadian art at the embassy on Thursday evening. The event, which was hosted in association with Artists Alliance Barbados, capped his time in Barbados during which he presided over the unveiling of the work of 75 local artists.

Drawing reference to Bridgetown, the capital, Pandiani reminded those on hand that it was easy to overlook the name’s meaning, noting that providing a bridge between differing views is at the heart of the peace efforts between nations.

Minister for Culture John King stated that the partnership between Argentina and Barbados is organic and genuine.

“The main thing is that politicians will come and go but if you get people-to-people connections, then we would have done something that will last for a lifetime. I think we have accomplished that in some aspects,” he said.

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