Christine Thomasos, THE CHRISTIAN POST

(The Christian Post) — When gospel singer and pastor Marvin Sapp’s late wife, MaLinda, knew she was going to draw her last breath on Earth after a battle with colon cancer five years ago, she made sure to leave her adoring husband with some powerful last words that would eventually help inspire his 10th album.

“The greatest gift my wife gave me was a statement before she passed,” Sapp, 48, told The Christian Post. “She knew that there was nothing else that they could do, she literally said to me, ‘honey if you want me to be happy in my transition, promise me after I transition that you will live.’”

MaLinda’s last words have seemingly transformed into Sapp’s latest album titled, “You Shall Live,” his 10th offering to the body of Christ through music that seems to be his most transparent work to date. Sapp is a decorated gospel musician who has been recognized with numerous accolades like 22 Stellar Awards and 10 Grammy Award nominations after 25 years in the business.



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