Pastor Marvin Winans (Courtesy of via Instagram)
Pastor Marvin Winans (Courtesy of via Instagram)

Pastor Marvin L. Winans and the Perfecting Church Choir shined brightly as musical guests at the recent Democratic presidential debates held at the Fox Theater in Detroit.

Winans created special arrangements of “America the Beautiful” and the national anthem that was performed and aired live on CNN’s domestic and international platforms.

Pastor Winans has now turned his attention to the Perfecting Church 30 Year Celebration and Gala on Friday, Oct. 11. The black-tie affair is being held at the historic Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn.

The renowned social activist Bryan Stevenson, a former professor at the University of Michigan School of Law, is making national headlines as an author and is his role as executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), a private, nonprofit law organization he founded in 1989 that focuses on social justice and human rights in the context of criminal justice reform in the United States.

“It is hard to believe that 30 years have passed since Perfecting Church opened her doors,” Winans said. “We’re honored to have social activist Bryan Stevenson as our special guest to lift us to a greater awareness of social justice. We will be entertained by the multiple Grammy Award winners BeBe Winans and CeCe Winans. Come and celebrate with us!”

Look for our interview with Pastor Winans in the next edition.

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  1. Perfecting Church is all about money I remember I was going through a divorce an went there for prayer an they had me sit in the hallway for an hour an came out an told me they couldn’t pray for me because I was not a member think God for Jesus.

    1. I’ve been in church since birth and I been to a lot of church’s and not once have I heard of a church/pastor say they can’t pray because they’re not members. That’s totally insane. We have non members to call/fellowship and ask for prayer and we like other churches pray for them.

      Totally ridiculous and God is not pleased. People may want to join your church if you treat them right.

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