Local ministers preach the gospel of truth.(Hamil R.Harris/The Washington Informer)
Local ministers preach the gospel of truth.(Hamil R.Harris/The Washington Informer)

Just as Martin Luther King Jr. and others prayed for change and social justice decades ago, a new coalition of pastors called on a higher power outside the Justice Department headquarters Sunday amid nationwide unrest following the police-related death of a Black man in Minneapolis.

The ministers urged Attorney General William Barr to be more aggressive in investigating incidents within police departments across the country in which many have been targeted because of the color of their skin.

“We want to hold the police departments accountable for the conduct displayed in police departments across the country,” said Rev. L.K. Floyd, pastor of the Heart Changers Baptist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland. “This should be called the Department of Injustice because, [as] Dr. Martin Luther King said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to just everywhere.’”

The group of pastors demonstrated outside the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building in D.C. — somewhat fitting because Kennedy, who was President Johnson’s attorney general, filed suit in September 1964 against officials in Selma, Ala., for violating the Civil Rights Act.

Kennedy asked a special three‐judge federal panel to prevent the police from unjustly “arresting, jailing, punishing or threatening” anyone attempting to exercise their civil rights.

In contrast, President Trump in 2016 selected former Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general, and Sessions wasted little time in gutting long-standing provisions of the Voting Rights Act before he was replaced by Barr for recusing himself from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Last week, Black Lives Matter and several other civil rights groups filed suit against Trump and Barr for attacking protesters assembled in D.C.’s Lafayette Square moments before the president walked to nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church for a much-maligned photo-op.

At Lafayette Square, located near the White House and long a popular spot for protests, Barr ordered federal agents to disperse a crowd of peaceful demonstrators protesting the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died last month while in police custody in Minneapolis.

The agents, carrying riot shields and wearing riot gear, pushed and fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the protesters shortly before Trump came to the church with Bible in hand.

While former Secretary of State Colin Powell criticized the move by the Trump White House, Barr said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday that his actions were justified.

“They were not peaceful protesters,” Barr said. “And that’s one of the big lies that the media seems to be perpetrating at this point.”

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