Pepco and the District of Columbia’s Department of Employment Services recently held a virtual celebration for the latest graduates of Pepco’s Utility Training School program with the D.C. Infrastructure Academy, nearly all of whom are currently fielding job offers post-graduation.

Two cohorts from June and November comprised 27 students who completed the 12-week program, with 90% representing Wards 7 and 8. Pepco has already offered positions to eight of the graduates, while 18 others received job offers with Pepco contractors or other companies committed to employment programs, according to a Pepco press release.

“This graduation ceremony marks another significant milestone for the Pepco Utility Training School,” said Dave Velazquez, president and CEO of Pepco Holdings. “We thank Mayor [Muriel] Bowser and the D.C. Infrastructure Academy for continuing this successful partnership to expand workforce training opportunities and career services for local residents. This graduation is a celebration of a significant amount of hard work and we view the achievements of each participant as a win for the upcoming generation of the District’s critical infrastructure workforce.”

David Vosvick, vice president of Human Resources for Pepco Holdings, added that it was a privilege to congratulate the new graduates for building their skills and taking important career-advancing steps during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These participants demonstrated great dedication to learning and through their actions, the local utility industry is now better equipped for the future,” Vosvick said. “We knew this program was something special when it began and with this recent success, we remain committed to pursuing the many benefits it brings to the local community and our future workforce.”

To date, the Pepco Utility Training School program has graduated more than 50 participants.

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