Courtesy of Pepco
Courtesy of Pepco

D.C.-area utility company Pepco said Tuesday that it will launch its Gift of Energy program to help families and individuals struggling to pay their energy bills.

Through the Gift of Energy program, any person can make a payment toward a Pepco customer’s energy bill. All that is needed to make a payment on behalf of someone else is the customer’s name and address or phone number associated with the account.

The gift will appear on the recipient’s future energy bill as a credit. Those interested in participating in the Gift of Energy program can do so online at or by calling 202-833-7500.

Pepco also has set up a Marketplace for customers to explore energy-efficient gift ideas. At the Marketplace, customers can buy energy-efficient devices including LED bulbs, programmable thermostats, power strips and commercial lighting at discount prices.

Pepco officials remind customers who are past due on their bills to contact the company as soon as possible to consider payment options. The goal is to help customers through their financial crisis so the utilities can stay on.

For more information, call 202-833-7500 or go to for additional information.

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