Courtesy of Exelon-Pepco
Courtesy of Exelon-Pepco

Pepco has tips for its customers to stay safe as the hurricane season continues and National Preparedness Month draws to a close.

“The impacts of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico and elsewhere are a vivid reminder of the strength of hurricanes and other major storms and the damage they can have on our lives,” said Tamla Olivier, senior vice president and CEO of Pepco Holdings Inc. “During this last week of National Preparedness Month, it is a great reminder for our communities to be ready when storms do come. As a company, we continue our readiness through regular planning and drills, consistent communications and engagement with local emergency management and other government agencies, and continuous investment in the local energy grid.”

Pepco offers the following tips:

  • Stay connected. Get the most up-to-date information on the weather through various tools and devices such as apps and texts.
  • Updating information. The company should have the most current information on its customers.
  • Assemble an emergency kit. Prepare a kit with flashlights, fresh batteries, medication, water, and non-perishable items that will last you at least 72 hours.
  • Know how to report an outage. One can report an outage through an app, website, or texting.
  • Electric safety information. To report downed wires, call 1-877-PEPCO62.
  • Visit the storm readiness section of the Pepco website for more information.  

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