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Pepco advises its customers struggling to pay their utility bills amid the coronavirus pandemic that millions of dollars in funding is still available for assistance.

Programs available to Pepco customers include the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the Utility Discount Program (UDP) and the Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP).

LIHEAP offers grants based on a customer’s household income and type of housing, with the District offering up to $1,800 and Marylanders potentially receiving more than $1,000.

Needy District customers can also apply for the UDP, which assists low-income residents with their utility bills with discounts up to $475 per year on their accounts.

Marylanders have access to EUSP and the Arrearage Retirement Assistance program, which provides up to $2,000 in aid to offset large, past-due electric and gas obligations.

The Greater Washington Urban League can help Pepco customers with assistance up to $500 for those facing disconnection. Maryland’s Montgomery and Prince George’s counties offer assistance programs through Mary’s Center and Interfaith Works, respectively.

Pepco requests any customers having problems paying their bills to immediately contact the company to set up a repayment plan or explore other options.  

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