Environmental stewardship is one of Pepco’s central values and it guides our approach to business operations, regulatory compliance and resource conservation. Our environmental strategy also accounts for the risks and opportunities of climate change, and is focused on meeting the challenges of rising energy costs, concerns about environmental sustainability and government energy reduction goals.


We recognize the benefits of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and are taking action to reduce our own carbon footprint through solutions that seek to protect the environment while minimizing the economic impact to families and businesses.

Climate change has influenced our strategy through its potential impacts to the financial condition, operations and cash flows of each of our subsidiaries. Our repositioning as primarily a transmission and distribution company minimizes our exposure to government regulations.

Climate change also has influenced us because of the potential damage to electrical infrastructure resulting from physical risks such as extreme weather. This requires us to create new strategies to help avoid these issues.

An important part of our approach is partnering with state regulators to advance state energy reduction and renewable energy goals, as well as, to develop effective environmental policies.


We are committed to maintaining the health of our environment by conserving, protecting and enhancing our natural resources. We fulfill this commitment by conducting our business with respect and care for the environment.

We use a proactive approach both to help avoid the impacts on cultural and natural resource. We have developed a plan that balances our responsibility to provide reliable, safe electricity with natural resource protection. Whether it’s enhancing, conserving, restoring or managing natural resources, we perform the work while keeping potential environmental impacts on our radar. Learn more in our Vegetation Management fact sheet.

It is important to us to sustain the animal, bird and plant life throughout the areas we work in. We recognize the importance of trees to communities and are committed to protecting the beauty of tree canopies. Our avian protection program is designed to limit the potential for bird electrocution or collision with the company’s overhead towers, poles and wires infrastructure. Learn more in our Avian Protection fact sheet.

Our environmental and engineering teams work together to design new, or redesign existing, electric facilities to protect sensitive habitats. We work with regulatory agencies and engage with landowners, public agencies, nonprofit and community organizations, and other stakeholders who share our commitment to protect and preserve the natural environment. Learn more in our Wetlands Protection fact sheet.

We are also committed to remediating, restoring and renewing ecosystems and habitats through careful planning and collaboration with the community and the regulators. Our goal is to limit the impacts from our operations and transform previous industrial property into clean, productive assets. Learn more in our Wildlife Protection fact sheet.


Company Recycling Initiatives

We demonstrate our strong commitment to environmental protection by employing innovative waste prevention, recycling and reuse methods.  We partner with state and local governments, suppliers and waste vendors who share our strong level of commitment to pollution prevention and consistently provide us with new waste management alternatives. These partnerships have helped us to reduce the amount of waste Pepco Holdings generates and sends to landfills each year.

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