Pull up a seat for Kitchen Table Talks Podcasts. Comfortable. Inviting. Cutting to the chase. Listen to thought leaders dive into provocative conversations top of mind, but not always on the tip of the tongue. The 30-minute audio adventures take us to necessary, difficult and edgy themes usually uttered only among friends and tribe. As part of a continuing exploration to unerase the voices of Black women in this tumultuous national storm, Kitchen Table Talks Podcasts are committed to undividing Black women and wider audiences around our similarities. Sensibilities touching on themes from transphobia to the Millennial-Boomer standoffs aim to build bridges across generations, gender identity, class and culture.

Kitchen Table Talks, produced by Suffrage. Race. Power. (SRP) Black Women Unerased, is a unique public engagement initiative conceived and staffed by Black women. “We embrace the transformative leadership of Black women, even as we align with all people committed to gender equity, inclusion and confronting structural racism,” says SRP Creator and executive producer Gwen McKinney.

The project, launched to coincide with the 100th anniversary of women’s voting rights, is dedicated to redefining the narrative of suffrage beyond the narrow act of casting a ballot to also commanding our destiny. McKinney explains, “Our narrative creation confronts historical and contemporary erasures. We shine a spotlight on Black women and our allies who have inspired and created the paths to democratic change.”

The SRP production team joined with Howard University communications expert and senior producer Sonja Williams and a host of the nation’s most respected Black thought leaders to put on the first podcast trilogy. The three episodes speak to our great divides in the political arena around Black women’s electability, identity of Black and Brown women and intergenerational activism. Accessible mashups and interviews, broach ideas and passion that deserve wider discourse.

“The Kitchen Table Talks are a bit of a tease. It whets the appetite, leaving listeners wanting for more,” says Denise Rolark Barnes, Washington Informer publisher and host of the conversation segment. Each episode ends with an inspiring “Culture Pop” segment that celebrates poetry, music and visionary artists. Trilogy II, scheduled to be released in mid-October, will focus on Black women seeding power in pursuit of a community that is inclusive, heathy and whole as we prepare for the most consequential election of our lifetime.

The episode topics:

  • She, Her, They, Us: Black Women and the Gender Matrix
  • Health Care, Self-Care, Who Cares — for Us?
  • Navigating the Bars Beyond the Cage

Trilogy I is free (available here) and downloadable on other podcast streaming platforms. For more information about SRP Unerased, contact Levi Perrin or Terican Gross (suffrageunerased@gmail.com).

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