Killings by Police Ferguson


ST. LOUIS (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)—At a pro-police rally Saturday, a St. Louis police union representative called Department of Justice investigators “a band of marauders” who helped perpetrate a lie in Ferguson.

Jeff Roorda, the business manager for the St. Louis Police Officers Association, has stirred the pot before and didn’t hold back at the rally outside St. Louis Police headquarters.

In a 10-minute speech, Roorda said the Department of Justice report that found systemic racism within Ferguson’s police and court operations was intended to distract from another report by the agency that found Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson was justified in using deadly force against Michael Brown.

“(U.S. Attorney General) Eric Holder, who wanted with every fiber of his being to find some wrongdoing on the part of Darren Wilson, sics his justice department on St. Louis,” Roorda said. “They raid St. Louis like a band of marauders…

“What do they find? They find that this hands up don’t shoot myth was just that — a fiction that was perpetrated upon the people of Ferguson, the people of Missouri and the people of the world,” he said.



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