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In honor of the estimated 300 Black residents who were murdered by a racist mob of white terrorists in the Greenwood area of Tulsa, in 1921. President Joe Biden issued a statement to mark the date. A year ago, Biden visited the site on the centennial of the destruction of “Black Wall Street.” A search for the graves of massacre victims began last year. More than thirty coffins holding the remains of possible victims were recovered.

“I went to Greenwood—the first President to visit since the massacre—to help fill the silence. Because in silence, wounds deepen. In Greenwood, I called on all of us to reflect on the deep roots of domestic terrorism and hate in our nation and to recommit to combating systemic racism across our country and institutions.”

Biden said his administration has worked to end housing discrimination for Black people and to provide federal contracts to businesses owned by Black and brown people.

Biden’s statement continued, “As part of that work, I announced two expanded efforts to help communities like Greenwood build wealth—an aggressive effort to combat racial discrimination in housing, and a bold commitment to increase the share of federal contracts going to small disadvantaged businesses, including Black- and brown-owned small businesses, by 50 percent by 2025.”

lawsuit that includes three known survivors of the massacre is seeking reparations for the violence and financial losses of life, homes and businesses was filed and remains pending in Tulsa County District Court.

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