Marianne Williamson
2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson has been known for her work in the spiritual arena as a healer, activist and author who has guided people through life’s challenges to help them heal emotionally. But can her campaign to become the president of the United States heal this country of its past transgressions?

The event was held May 20 at Unity of Washington, D.C. and moderated by Rev. Sylvia Sumter, who reminded attendees that their faith community is not endorsing any candidates.

“I do think it’s a wonderful opportunity for all of us to ask questions and to dialogue with someone who is bringing a new narrative to our political environment,” Sumter said.

The event was coordinated by Williamson’s campaign team. She is one of 23 Democratic candidates running for president.

During the beginning of Williamson’s speech, she explained how she had a 35-year career dealing with universal spiritual themes and how the teachings of the world religions and spiritual traditions can to transform people’s lives. She explained the similarities when people face their own character defects and do the inner work to improve their lives and can happen when the United States faces its defects. 

”I’m running for president because America is only going to change if America is willing to get deep and get real,” Williamson said.
Williamson answered questions on public policy on immigration, racial disparities, defense spending, diplomacy, universal health care, improving opportunities for women and children and reducing violence across the country. One of the topics that has been considered radical throughout her campaign is for reparations for Americans who are descendants of slaves. She told the audience that many White Americans are now aware of the history of slavery and the need for economic restitution.

“Let us do the right thing. Let us pay reparations for slavery,” Williamson said. 

Sharif Shafi, an advocate for reparations, thanked Williamson for having this issue as part of her campaign and educating people on the injustices of slavery. 

”I saw Marianne on CNN and willing to do whatever I can to give you a jump-start in the DMV,” Shafi said.

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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