More than 200 people recently attended Prince George’s County’s second annual Economic Development Corporation Forum Breakfast at the Metro Points Hotel in New Carrollton, where they were updated on current development projects taking place in the county.

During the March 25 panel discussion, EDC President and CEO Jim Coleman provided an overview of how the agency has been a constant resource for the projects that include MGM National Harbor, Westphalia, the Purple Line, Iverson Mall and Riverdale Park Station.

“Prince George’s County is a magnet for development and, in the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., now is not the time to cool off,” Coleman said. “The opportunity for development and revitalization in some of our business communities is at an all-time high. My team of professionals at the EDC is working every day to take business in Prince George’s County to a whole new level with permitting, site selection and financing assistance on projects that are setting this county on fire.”

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