Council member Wala Blegay (D-District 6) said she is working to bring quality development to her district, address crime and offer more residents services. (Courtesy photo)
Council member Wala Blegay (D-District 6) said she is working to bring quality development to her district, address crime and offer more residents services. (Courtesy photo)

Recently elected to the Prince George’s County Council and named Vice Chair, millennial politician Wala Blegay (D-District 6), in her words, is “hitting the ground running.”

“On day one…we put over 20 bills,” Blegay said.

She said much of the legislation speaks to “the sprawl in our community, saturating our streets with townhomes… development that’s really unwanted,” in an interview on WIN-TV. “We also put together some bills that addressed some of the concerns that people had: the tobacco shops in our community, the oversaturation of public storage and also looking at the health impact from all land-use matters, so we really  have been busy addressing many of the issues.”

Blegay called District 6, “the heart of Prince George’s County.”

“It includes: Upper Marlboro, Largo, downtown Largo is one of the biggest projects we have in District 6. It includes Westphalia, the newest developments in the Upper Marlboro area, it also includes Forestville, Mitchelville, Woodmore, parts of Fairwood, and we really have a really rich district,” Blegay said. 

She said that when people refer to Prince George’s County as one of the wealthiest Black counties per capita, they are referring to a large chunk of her district’s residents. 

“You have minorities and African Americans who are doing very well. Doctors, lawyers, engineers making a difference in the community and bringing the wealth into Prince George’s County,” she said.

The Prince George’s County Council vice chair said she hopes to bring quality development to her district.

“District 6 is really the bed of development in this County. We have one of the largest projects in Prince George’s County, the Blue Line Corridor, which includes downtown Largo… developing up and down the 214 Corridor, from near Hampton Park, down to the Addison Road station, and beyond when you get into District 7. We’re also looking at Westphalia, we’re looking at the new areas we’re building.”

Blegay said the district and its residents deserve more. 

“Many people say that you have African Americans, you have minority groups doing very well in District 6, but you wouldn’t know from the development here. So we’re trying to get more quality development,” she said. “Let’s bring the amenities closer to home, and this is not only the nice stores, grocery stores and retail, but also the green space that we can take advantage of, the trails– you have Watkins Park in District 6.”

In addition to improving development, the Vice Chair said she is emphasizing transparency in government, focusing on small businesses and increasing services to residents.

She also hopes to help reduce crime in the area through more mental health programming.

“One of the biggest issues in our community is really addressing some of the concerns that many of the families in our community have, and when we investigate what’s going on, it always goes back to mental health,” Blegay said.

As former counsel for the D.C. Nurses Association, Blegay learned about effective advocacy and change.

“I became an advocate talking about issues regarding justice, regarding healthcare, regarding a lot of things in our community and I’m bringing that type of advocacy on the Council,” she said.

Blegay plugged tuning into the next legislative meeting on Jan. 10.

“We have more good news coming.”

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