One of schools CEO Monica Goldson's 2019-20 Blueprint investments focuses on schools with high numbers of students living in poverty who need additional support. (Courtesy of PGCPS)
**FILE** Prince George's County Public Schools CEO Monica Goldson (Courtesy of PGCPS)

Schools CEO Monica Goldson recently unveiled her 2019-20 academic year Blueprint, which provides a detailed look at how critical funding will be invested across the school system.

While focusing on low-performing schools, pre-kindergarten expansion and increased mental health supports, the new layout will embrace investments deserving of both students and staff.

“Our students and staff deserve an investment that reflects our county’s commitment to improving educational outcomes,” Goldson said. “It’s clear that our state representatives heard our voices. This landmark legislation will help to create an environment where our students and educators can thrive, leading to better academic outcomes and increased teacher capacity — all contributing to a stronger Prince George’s County.”

The investments will be poured into:

• High-Needs Schools: Schools with high numbers of students living in poverty need additional supports to ensure they reach their highest potential.
• Pre-K Expansion: More families deserve the opportunity to give their young learners a strong foundation. By expanding access to full-day prekindergarten at nine schools and launching a pilot universal pre-K pilot at 17 schools, PGCPS will continue its push to make high-quality prekindergarten more accessible.
• Mental Health Services: Too many students are distracted and overwhelmed by personal and family issues. PGCPS is providing additional funding to 45 high-needs schools for certified mental health therapists.
• Teacher Compensation: While working through the economic downturn, numerous cost-savings strategies were used to limit the impact on students and schools, including a “freeze” on employee salary increases from 2009 to 2012. In recognition of staff sacrifices, PGCPS is offering a restorative salary increase to all employees who lost steps during the downturn yet remained with the school system.
• Supporting Students with Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs): In some cases, students with disabilities require individualized instruction to prepare them for college, the workplace, community and beyond. PGCPS will make new investments in programs that support these students, with a focus on the full implementation of individualized educational programs (IEP) and 504 plans in addition to system-wide training for teachers on compliance and student supports.
• Support for Students Struggling with Reading: Students who are not reading at grade level often fall behind in other subjects. PGCPS’s new digital literacy program focuses on evidence-based strategies, including one-on-one tutoring, peer tutoring, screening and addressing literacy deficits, and new technology for kindergarten through third grade students at more than 50 schools.

Summer Programs

PGCPS Summer Programs offer students opportunities for acceleration, enrichment, credit recovery or original credit.

Interested parties are advised that program availability will depend on enrollment and space is limited.

The 2019 Summer Programs Guide is available at For more details, contact the Summer Programs Office by phone at 301-808-1124 or email at

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