Jonathan Collins, a student at DuVal High School in Lanham, won "Debater of the Year." (Courtesy of PGCPS)
Jonathan Collins, a student at DuVal High School in Lanham, won "Debater of the Year." (Courtesy of PGCPS)

DuVal High School senior Jonathan Collins beat out thousands of students to be named “Debater of the Year” by the National Association of Urban Debate League.

Jonathan discussed his college applications experience on NPR’s 1A.

Area Science Fair

Students who earned top honors in their school’s science fair participated in the Prince George’s Area Science Fair at Charles H. Flowers High School on March 16.

They competed against peers from private schools and St. Mary’s and Calvert counties for scholarship awards and prizes.

School Lottery

The Charter School lottery results are available and a copy of initial results will be sent via U.S. postal mail.

If a child has received a placement offer, parents or guardians must contact the charter school to accept the placement. Contact information for the charter school is available on its website’s Schools and Programs page.

Parents and guardians of children on the wait list will be contacted via email or phone by the charter school if a seat becomes available.

Placement offers will be made until Sept. 30.

Authorities say parents and guardians should be mindful that once a placement offer is accepted, the child is automatically removed from the waitlists of other charter schools.

For assistance, email

Music in Our Schools

One hundred band and orchestra ensembles recently showed their skills at the annual instrumental music festival.

The festival and assessment, for which participants had two months to prepare, offered band and orchestra students an opportunity to perform in front of peers and judges to gauge how they have advanced over the course of the year, said PGCPS Instrumental Music Supervisor Lionel Harrell.

Judges who provided feedback were band and orchestra directors from local school systems and colleges as well as retired musicians.

“Music in our schools benefits the whole student,” Harrell said. “It helps develop students who are well-rounded, who can think creatively and allows students to use their brains in ways they might not be able to in other classes.”

Top-rated groups advanced to state festivals at Towson University in April and May.

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