School bus attendant Linda Charles-Lynch has worked with students for nearly 10 years. (Courtesy of PGCPS)
School bus attendant Linda Charles-Lynch has worked with students for nearly 10 years. (Courtesy of PGCPS)

PGCPS recently honored their school bus attendants during “School Bus Safety Week,” where the schools’ transportation team was recognized for their role in student safety.

Listed among them is Linda Charles-Lynch, who helps students on and off of the bus and determines how best to seat students for a safe trip.

But she is more than an aide.

Charles-Lynch, who has worked with students for nearly 10 years, also acts in loco parentis daily — making it a priority to offer students who may be in distress exactly what they need in that moment, whether assistance buckling in, a word of encouragement to keep them calm or a smile.

“You’d be surprised how a kind word can stop a child about to act out,” she said. “As a grandmother I’m pretty good at discerning what kids need. Your mom may not be here, but I’ll be your mom this morning. Many times, hurt and problems start at home. So, part of my job is to say a kind word and let them know someone cares.”

Twin Scholars: Mikaila and Alexis Esuke

Bowie High School twin sisters Mikaila and Alexis Esuke, identical twins who are far more than just appearance list among the latest PGCPS Scholar of the Week honorees.

Both sisters are dual enrollment students at Bowie State University, carry a 4.25 GPA and hold the top two leadership positions in the Bowie High School National Honor Society.

The dynamic duo is also involved in the same extracurricular activities: they serve as student tutors and are members of the band, tennis team, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society. Outside of the classroom, both have earned more than 600 service learning hours.

Although it should come as no surprise that the sisters have applied to the same colleges, they plan to pursue slightly different careers: engineering for Mikaila and chemical and biomolecular engineering for Alexis.

On the weekend, while you’ll find Mikaila on the tennis court, Alexis will be enjoying all genres of music as well as cooking, making soap and reading.

Love Grants

The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation has awarded grants to 13 schools for new “Loads of Love” laundry centers.

In-school laundry services can help boost student attendance rates, class participation and interest in extracurricular activities. The program kicked off last year at Magnolia Elementary School in Lanham.

During the recent Cowboys game at FedEx Field, the Redskins foundation awarded more than $375,000 in grants to 42 schools and non-profit organizations to open Loads of Love (LOL) Laundry Centers to serve children in their community.

The 42 sites that will receive funding include: Aiton Elementary School (Washington, D.C. – DCPS); Beacon Heights Elementary School (Riverdale, Md. – PGCPS); Buck Lodge Middle School (Adelphi, Md. – PGCPS; Frederick Douglass High School (Upper Marlboro, Md. – PGCPS); Green Valley “Success” Academy (Suitland, Md. – PGCPS); Greenbelt Middle School (Greenbelt, Md. – PGCPS; Hart Middle School (Washington, D.C. – DCPS); International High School at Langley Park (Bladensburg, Md. – PGCPS)

International High School at Largo (Upper Marlboro, Md. – PGCPS)

John H. Ketcham Elementary School (Washington, D.C. – DCPS)

Johnson Middle School (Washington, D.C. – DCPS)

Kingsford Elementary School (Mitchellville, Md. – PGCPS)

KIPP DC: Shaw Campus (Washington, D.C.)

Multicultural Career Intern Program (Washington, D.C.)

Payne Elementary School (Washington, D.C. – DCPS)

Raymond Education Campus (Washington, D.C. – DCPS)

Robert R. Gray Elementary School (Capitol Heights, Md. – PGCPS)

Seat Pleasant Elementary School (Seat Pleasant, Md. – PGCPS)

Smothers Elementary School (Washington, D.C. – DCPS)

South County Institute for Economic Development (SCIED) (Fort Washington, Md.

Stepping Stones Shelter (Rockville, Md.)

The Foundation Schools (Rockville, Md.)

Thomas Elementary School (Washington, D.C. – DCPS)

Thomas Stone Elementary School (Mt. Rainier, Md. – PGCPS)

Truesdell Education Campus (Washington, D.C. – DCPS)

Walker Mill Middle School (Capitol Heights, Md. – PGCPS)

William Wirt Middle School (Riverdale, Md. – PGCPS)

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