PGCPS will host free immunization clinics in high school wellness centers to assist families with meeting immunization requirements.

These services are offered in collaboration with the Prince George’s County Health Department and the Maryland Partnership for Prevention. Families must register online for an appointment.

Parents and students will be called to enter the building for service in the order of arrival and must wear masks in the clinics. Families who made an appointment online should arrive at their scheduled appointment time.

Immunization Clinic Dates: Nov. 14, 16, 18 and 21

Homework, Tutoring Support

Grades K-12: The Homework Support Suite is available for students while learning from home or on the go.

Participating students can access live tutoring in English and Spanish, practice tests for college entrance, databases, and research tools.

Grades K-2: Parents can sign up to have their elementary student receive support from a tutor through BookNook, an online learning program that offers access to 800 different texts in English and Spanish.

With BookNook, students receive instruction in basic skills, vocabulary development and reading comprehension.

Reports of student progress are measured after each lesson.

Grades 6-8: Math tutors are available to assist middle school students with homework, teaching them how to perform the calculations needed to complete their assignments. The tutors will be available to receive requests for assistance from students via call, text, or online. Tutors will also offer encouragement and support to keep students motivated and ready to learn.

Distance Learning Survey

A recent PGCPS distance-learning survey found that:

• Nearly 70 percent of parents surveyed believe the distance learning services are at least “good” with more than one-quarter rating them as “excellent.”
• Parents are generally satisfied with communication from PGCPS and expressed a lower level of satisfaction with communication about extra academic support.
• Most families are using PGCPS-issued digital devices for distance learning and nearly all have an internet connection in their homes.
• Parent concerns include keeping medically vulnerable children or family members safe; cleaning and sanitizing surfaces; poor air ventilation; and the ability of students to adhere to mask-wearing and other safety protocols.

PGCPS does not plan to resume in-person instruction before February.

Food Insecurity

The Board of Education has unanimously adopted a policy that bans the act of throwing away a hot meal given to a student because of a negative balance on their meal account.

This policy includes language that directs the PGCPS CEO to develop for board consideration a universal meals program proposal for all elementary students so that, regardless of household income, there will be no costs passed along to them in their obtaining of a nutritious meal.

The policy also authorizes the establishment of a dedicated funding account through our school system’s nonprofit, the Excellence in Education Foundation, to receive charitable donations to direct support efforts to tackle food insecurity throughout our system.

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