PGCPS is accepting late lottery applications to fill limited kindergarten and first grade seats in immersion programs for the 2021-22 school year.

To qualify for the lottery, applicants must meet age requirements and live within the boundary of the requested school. Placement offers will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Boundary Initiative

PGCPS recently released an interim which presents findings from the first phase of data analysis and community engagement.

The Boundary Initiative also includes three draft plans and maps depicting potential future boundaries. Because the report marks the beginning of another critical phase of community engagement and public input will play a key role in the final decision regarding selection and implementation.

As school officials become closer to completion of the report, parents and guardians are encouraged to read the full report or summary by using the interactive tool, and taking the survey.

Meanwhile, the Boundary Initiative will conclude by February 2022 with recommended boundary changes offered to the Prince George’s County Board of Education for their approval.

Summer Learning

This year’s Summer Learning Spark program will offer prekindergarten through 12th-grade students opportunities for acceleration, enrichment, intervention, credit recovery and original credit.

The 2021 programs are available to all students at no cost and offer flexible scheduling including in-person, virtual or hybrid. Students will also be permitted to keep their school-issued devices over summer break to support continued learning.

For a full list of options visit Please note that in addition to the school system’s summer programs, several schools are offering programs to enrolled students.

‘Maryland History Day’

Middle and high school students from public, private, parochial, home, and cyber schools are welcome to participate in “Maryland History Day” which sparks critical thinking helps develop skills in research as well as in analysis, writing, and public speaking.

Working solo or in small groups, students create original documentaries, exhibits, performances, research papers or websites exploring a breadth of historical topics within an annual theme. District contests are held throughout Maryland every February and March, with June 13-17, 2021 celebrated virtually as National History Day.

Congratulations to students who competed in the annual Maryland Humanities Maryland History Day competition: Mykha Lizette Floresca, Oxon Hill High School; Madison Harris, Kenmoor Middle School and Ellis and Lillian Merrill, Accokeek Academy. They will advance to the national event to compete among 3,000 participants from across the country and beyond.

Verizon Hotspot Recall Notice

Verizon has issued a nationwide recall of 2.5 million hotspots, including almost all PGCPS hot spots, after it was made aware that the lithium-ion battery in the hotspots can overheat, posing a possible fire and burning hazard.

PGCPS will be working with Verizon as quickly and efficiently as possible to return all Ellipsis Jetpack mobile hotspot devices that were issued by PGCPS.

Additional communication about the process for families to return their hotspots and receive a new one.

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