Unfailing Love’ Premieres in Hyattsville

“Unfailing Love” premiered at the Regal Hyattsville Royale Theatre on July 7. The Christian film is narrated from the perspective of Hosea and is set in the DMV over a seven-year period. 

Jewell Powell, who co-directed, wrote, and starred in the movie, described the movie as an allegory for “the love story of Jesus chasing after us, even when we don’t want his love.” In the story, a man pursues a woman who has committed adultery and shows her unfailing love.

“I have authored several books so I always had the gift of writing. However, two years ago I felt called to write a modern-day script on the book of Hosea,” she said when asked about her learning experiences as a director. 

“I worked as a production coordinator on ‘A Wesley Christmas’ by OCTET Productions.  However, this was after I had completed the production of my film.  I have had no formal film training — never directed, produced or acted previously to my film.”

For anyone who wants to enter filmmaking, she recommends that you learn the craft by working with others while developing your own productions. 

By doing this before making her own film, she gained knowledge and experience in some of the many facets of filmmaking.

“My film allowed me to have a cradle-to-grave experience so I was able to touch every aspect, but I was also fortunate to have experienced people around to help tell a great love story,” she said.

The trailer for “Unfailing Love” is available here.

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