Ryan Macklin
Prince George's County Police Officer Ryan Macklin (Courtesy of PGCPD)

Prince George’s County Police suspended one of its own without pay Monday for allegedly raping a woman after a traffic stop.

According to police, Officer Ryan Macklin stopped the woman at 1 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 11 on University Boulevard in Langley Park.

Police outlined in a statement that Macklin drove an unmarked police cruiser while in uniform and on duty. The department posted a short video online which shows Macklin turning on his lights while driving past a furniture business.

After Macklin pulled over the female motorist, police said he forced the woman to perform a sexual act inside her car in a nearby parking lot.

According to a press conference video posted on WUSA-TV website, police Chief Hank Stawinski said there’s no evidence as to why Macklin chose this particular woman, whose name wasn’t released. He said the woman’s friends encouraged her to speak with police hours after the incident happened.

“I want to praise the victim in this for having the courage to come forward,” Stawinski said. “We can’t address any of these issues … without the cooperation of the community. Have confidence in this institution [and] know that your concerns will be taking seriously.”

Stawinski also wanted to dispel rumors that Macklin followed her based on the victim’s immigration status as a Latina. No evidence supports that claim, he said.

“My hope is that this will further the efforts we made in the last decade to make it clear that we enforce the law and protect people in Prince George’s County,” he said. “We do not enforce immigration law.”

Macklin has worked for the department six years and assigned to the Bureau of Patrol. He faces charges that include first- and second-degree rape, perverted sexual acts and second-degree assault.

The department will continue its investigation with assistance from the state’s attorney’s office.

Anyone with information about Macklin, or possibly other victims, should call 301-772-4795 set up in both English and Spanish.

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