Prince George’s County Public Schools students will return to classrooms full-time this fall, said the county’s schools chief.

“Hybrid instruction will be discontinued in line with guidance from the Maryland State Department of Education and state board of education,” PGCPS CEO Monica Goldson said Tuesday in a video message posted online, WTOP reported. “Our goal is to have students back in our buildings this fall full-time and in person daily.”

Full-time, in-person classes will be available to students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, five days a week, under a pre-pandemic school schedule, WTOP reported. Kindergarteners through sixth graders who don’t qualify for a vaccine will have a limited, application-based virtual learning option, and students with medical issues may apply for Home and Hospital Teaching Services.

Goldson also encouraged students who are 12 and older to get their coronavirus vaccination. She said the system will follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and enforce social distancing, mask-wearing and frequent hand-washing.

She expressed her eagerness to return to in-person learning, and not just for academic reasons.

“While school is a place of learning, it also is a place where we learn not only content but social skills as well,” she said, WTOP reported.

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