(Courtesy Wayne County Prosecutor's Office)
(Courtesy Wayne County Prosecutor's Office)
(Courtesy Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office)


DETROIT (Detroit Free Press)—Kym Worthy is nobody’s victim.

But the Wayne County prosecutor’s own rape more than three decades ago has connected her to victims in ways that some prosecutors cannot fathom.

As a first-year University of Notre Dame law student, Worthy was finishing final exams and decided to relieve stress by jogging along a path behind her building.

“I was a jogger,” Worthy said in an interview from California, where she’s attending a conference. “I was doing 5Ks back then, and there was a jogging path behind my apartment building, and I used to run back there all the time. I was finishing extremely stressful law school exams, so I went out to run. I’d never run at that time of the morning, about 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning. I had gone for a while, and I was suddenly grabbed from behind and a rope or string was put around my neck.”

Her next memory was being at the hospital. She remembers her father driving from Detroit to see her. She remembers law school officials being very supportive. And she remembers choosing definitively not to report the rape.



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