Providence Hospital
**FILE** Providence Hospital (Courtesy photo)

The Providence Health System’s board of directors has approved the addition of urgent care services center to its 30-acre campus on Varnum Street in northeast D.C.

In doing so, Providence will file a Certificate of Need with DC’s State Health Planning and Development Agency that embraces the center as part of a larger, comprehensive strategy to address unmet health needs of residents.

“In our ongoing discussions in a variety of forums with community members, local leaders, physicians and caregivers, many participants identified a significant need for urgent care services,” said Patricia Maryland, Providence board chair. “This effort will be part of our new vision for an innovative approach to improve the health of the community, inclusive of both health and services not traditionally considered part of healthcare but that have an impact on the health of individuals and communities.”

The 2016 District of Columbia Community Health Needs Assessment found that 23.8 percent of adults had not identified an individual as their primary care provider. It also found that 10 percent of District residents reported delays in getting medical care because they could not get a timely appointment.

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