Marion Barry
Marion Barry

A year after the death of Marion Barry, a committee organized to honor the legacy of the former D.C. mayor and Ward 8 Council member has recommended several ways to do so after eliciting public input, including erecting a statue and renaming schools and streets for the iconic political stalwart.

According to a report from the D.C. Commission to Commemorate and Recognize the Honorable Marion S. Barry Jr. that was appointed in March by Mayor Muriel Bowser, its members culled through more than two dozen ideas submitted by 100 city residents, including renaming Ballou Senior High School in Southeast and a street or building at the University of the District of Columbia after him.

“I’d like them all, from what it sounds like on first blush. But I think the idea of a bust or some piece of artwork is very important,” Bowser told reporters Monday, adding that she’d expect more than one of the recommendations to come to fruition.

Barry died on Nov. 23, 2014, at age 78.

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