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Q. I heard you say on your national radio show that hackers are attacking routers. How can make sure my router is secure?

A. You heard me talking about DNS hijacking. Using commonly available techno tricks, hackers can redirect your Internet travels. You open your browser and type in a web address. You think you’re at a legitimate site when in fact you’re directed to a really good-looking fake site that’s loaded with malware, viruses or worse. You can test your router for any DNS hijack vulnerabilities. Click here to take this simple test from security company F-Secure. If you find a problem, do a factory reset of your router, and then follow these step-by-step instructions to make it more secure in the future. Don’t forget you can tweak your DNS settings yourself to speed up your Internet and make it safer.

Find hidden social media accounts

Q. I think my son has online accounts I don’t know about. How can I find them?

A. I would start by searching his browsing history and the apps on his phone. However, if he’s good at hiding things there, you can find his accounts with an online search. Run a Google search on his name, email address and the username he uses for the accounts you do know about. It’s likely he’s used one or more of those for every account. The username will be in the Web address of the account. For example, my Facebook is, which means my username is “kimkomando.” Click here for more tips on locating a person’s social media accounts.

Set your insurance record straight


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