University of Southern California

(Los Angeles Times) – Lola Fajinmi and Precious Nwaoha were both A students in high school. But once they got to USC, the African American women were repeatedly asked if they were athletes and told they probably got in because of affirmative action.

So when they heard that a USC fraternity member had cursed the school’s student body president, Rini Sampath, with a racial slur and thrown a drink at her last weekend, they said they were appalled but not too surprised.

“It’s something that happens so often you kind of just tune it out,” Fajinmi said of racial bias, as she paused between classes on campus Wednesday. “I think it’s a huge deal and would like the administration to do something about it. This is a hard topic, but we need to start talking about it.”

That’s exactly what Sampath said she hopes the incident will launch: candid conversations about campus race relations and a chance for students like Fajinmi and Nwaoha to share their experiences.


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