(BET.com) – A Black family was told to leave their Long Island, N.Y. neighborhood in a racist letter that police are investigating as a hate crime.

Ronica Copes received the handwritten envelope addressed to “African-American family” with the word “Community” as the sender, last week. While the family has lived in the house in Linderhurst for a couple years, the letter notes that the area is more than 80 percent White. “YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!!!” the letter reads in call caps. “PLEASE LEAVE LINDENHURST AS SOON AS YOU CAN, IT WILL BE BETTER FOR ALL OF US.”

Copes was taken aback by the letter at first. “I had to kind of read it more than once for it to set in,” she told Pix 11 News. “I was very disappointed, frustrated, angry, afraid… not knowing who it’s coming from. “


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