Apple iPads

(Forbes) – With 56 different iPads to choose from, Apple sure doesn’t make it easy to decide which one to buy. But in this case if the analysis paralysis means you haven’t yet purchased a new iPad Air 2 or Mini 3, the decision will get at least a little bit easier 15 days from now. Among the usual array of discounts from major retailer will be some very good deals on Apple’s new tablets, most notably from Target and Best Buy. That should mean a lot of iPad sales for Apple to kick off the holiday shopping season as buyers get offers that represent nearly 1/3 off the purchase price of the iPad Air 2 in some cases.

Easy vs. better

The deals are pretty straightforward but you’ll have to choose between immediate gratification and what ultimately is a bigger discount. Best Buy is offering a straight $100 off the iPad Air 2 in all configurations and $75 off the Mini 3. You want a 64GB iPad Air 2 with WiFi that normally retails for $599? It’ll be $499 over the Thursday-Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.


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