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Monique Samuels (Courtesy photo)

The name, face and feminine mystique of Monique Samuels may be well-known and recognized due, in part, to her enigmatic role as a member of the cadre of women featured on Bravo’s hit show “The Real Housewives of the Potomac,” which recently began filming episodes for the show’s fourth year.

But as she prepares to kick off the second season of her “Not for Lazy Moms” podcast, taped live for the first time, at AMP by Strathmore on Thursday, Nov. 8, viewers may be surprised to see how multi-faceted and talented this mother of two, pregnant with her third, and the wife and helpmate of former Washington Redskins All-Pro Chris Samuels really is, when allowed to write the script and unveil her inner self.

“I’m excited about the chance to tape the podcast live but what’s really great is the decision we made to turn the evening into a date for the couples who attend,” said Samuels who wears a variety of other hats including entrepreneur, speaker, media personality, writer and philanthropist and co-hosts the podcast with her husband, longtime D.C. radio host and brand new mother, Aly Jacobs, as well as a close friend and confirmed bachelor affectionately known as “Cousin Hank.”

“In our first season, we dealt with the family in general, how to maintain oneself and balance the rest too — being a mom or dad and building relationships,” she said. “This time, we wanted couples, single or married, to have a good time, celebrate each other and share insights, success stories, about how they’ve maneuvered what has become increasingly common: couples who enter a relationship and bring ‘bonus children’ as part of the package.”

She notes that she enjoys the freedom that the podcast provides, allowing her to select the stories and subjects that will be covered — something she doesn’t get to do with “Housewives.”

“I’m the editor for the podcast so I get to choose the direction,” she said. “But it’s not just me. I share my perspective but I’m careful to involve the other co-hosts who have their own unique views. We want to help our listeners. We want them to get something good out of listening how those in similar situations have handled things. Sometimes people need reassurance. Other times, they confirm the fact that the way they’re moving along is best for them, their home and their family.”

Samuels recalls one friend who will be a guest for the taping, who said she’d never marry anyone with children — now she’s a wife and mother of “bonus children.” Another friend Samuels points out, also a cast member on the “Housewives” reality show, is raising a ‘bonus child’ in ways that make it impossible to discern that the young man is not the couple’s biological.

“I want people to come out and look cute, look sharp, mix and mingle, have a great time,” she said pointing to confirmed plans for a soiree following the conclusion of the show’s live taping and premier episode of the season.

“A lot of people say I carry myself like I can do it all — I guess I believe the same thing too especially with my motto being ‘if you can perceive it, you can achieve it,’” she added. “I founded my media company, Not for Lazy Moms, because I wanted to establish and bring together an online community for other resourceful women — women who also want it all and do it all. The website actually became the inspiration for the podcast.”
She says the podcast, which brings greater illumination to her website, will cover topics that many couples tend to avoid: being your own health advocate; early potty training; parenting jealousy; maintaining your sex life after having children; and other issues relevant to being more effective parents.

“Some folks wonder what it’s like to be married to a professional athlete, I suppose because they think it’s glamorous or something like that. But his being in the NFL had nothing to do with what attracted me to Chris,” she said. “We dated for more than six years before we married so we’d established a rhythm. We worked together. I managed his businesses while he was still in the league — learning skills that would benefit me later. But his job was just that for him — his job — not something that he used to define himself. That’s what I always loved and marveled about him. And I believe that the way we’ve worked as a team will help others who are in the process of building their own families — their own teams for life.”

For more information about Monique Samuels or the second-season premiere of her podcast (doors open at 6 p.m. with taping beginning at 7:30 p.m., go to, or reach her via Instagram or Facebook at mrsmoniquesamuels.

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