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One of the greatest deterrents when it comes to keeping a home safe is a home security alarm system. Given an opportunity to select from homes to target, burglars often bypass those outfitted with alarm systems. Several books address not only the need for home security, but also the added benefits to homeowners in installing systems and becoming proactive in protecting their homes. Here are a few of The Informer’s favorite:

Fundamentals of Home Security: How to Improve the Security of Your Home by Anthony Ekanem

It has been reported that burglary and break-in happen almost every 15 seconds of the day. As a result, the chances of your home being at risk of a break-in are greatly increased, and it does not matter where you live in the world. When we talk of a break-in, people think of someone entering their home by breaking some windows or smashing down doors. Yet, there are things that extend an invitation to burglars and intruders to try at getting into your home. There are many places in the home that are vulnerable to attack by intruders. Therefore, you must put in place a routine that will give intruders and burglars fewer opportunities to attempt a break-in. This book discusses the weak areas in your home security which you should pay attention to, to prevent any kind of break-in from occurring.

Home Security Systems: Home Security Tips Revealed by Joel Maughan

This e-book offers sound advice on how to secure your home – and become security-savvy in the process. When you take action to protect your home, your family will have the security they need to survive such harsh worldly conditions. Taking action means to set up alarms, as well as securing your doors, windows, etc. The more security you supply to your home, the better chance you will have. While there is no such thing as complete home security, there are measures you can take to protect your home.

Security Mom: An Unclassified Guide to Protecting Our Homeland and Your Home by Juliette Kayyem

In her insider’s look at American emergency and disaster management, Kayyem distills years of professional experience into smart, manageable guidelines for keeping your family safe in an unpredictable world. From stocking up on coloring books to stashing duplicate copies of valuable papers out of state, Kayyem’s wisdom does more than just prepare us to survive in an age of mayhem—it empowers us to thrive. Security Mom is an utterly modern tale about the highs and lows of having-it-all parenthood and a candid, sometimes shocking, behind-the-scenes look inside the high-stakes world of national security. Kayyem uses the motto “don’t scare, prepare!”

Prepared Not Scared: Your Go-To Guide for Staying Safe in An Unsafe World by Bill Stanton

Prepared Not Scared, is the ultimate guidebook for protecting yourself and your family from the terrifying dangers surrounding us all. Written by Bill Stanton, arguably the nation’s most recognized and respected expert in personal security and protection, the book extracts more than 500 years of combined security experience and advice from experts in criminology, psychology, military science, self-defense, technology, and emergency preparedness. With each chapter you read, you will increase your chances of protecting yourself from ever becoming a victim of crimes including, child abduction, home invasion, and cybercrime.

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