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Never Too Late: The Adult Student’s Guide to College
By Rebecca Klein-Collins

Countless Americans drop out of school to start families, begin working, or simply losing interest. Many want to return as “non-traditional” undergraduate students and have in fact, become the new norm. Still, the bulk of college guides out there don’t include practical advice for the busy moms, frustrated employees, and ambitious adults who are applying to college or hoping to finish earning a degree. Never Too Late will help readers jump-start a new professional path or speed down the one they’re already on by guiding them through vital questions: What should I study? How can I afford the time and money required to get a college degree? How do I compare schools? This is the perfect guide for those who want to get back on the road to academics.

Raising Black Students’ Achievement Through Culturally Responsive Teaching
By Johnnie McKinley

In this book, Johnnie McKinley presents the results of her in-depth study of a group of teachers in grades 3–8 who managed to radically narrow the achievement gap between their black and white students by using a set of culturally responsive strategies in their classrooms. McKinley uses the educators’ own words and illustrative “virtual walkthroughs” of lessons in action to examine these strategies in detail. Educators have been struggling for decades to remedy the disparity in academic outcomes between black and white students. This book shows how one remarkable group of teachers harnessed the power of culturally responsive teaching to do just that. By following the path outlined in Raising Black Students’ Achievement Through Culturally Responsive Teaching, you too can help your black students to become engaged, self-confident, and successful learners.

Success Skills for High School, College, and Career (Christian Edition)
By Cary J. Green

Successful students and employees have something in common: a well-developed skill set that transcends book smarts. The skills needed for success in the classroom and on the job can be honed with deliberate effort and the right resources. Christian students who combine their skills with their faith are equipped to achieve all that God calls them to achieve. This Christian edition expands the best-selling Success Skills for High School, College, and Career by incorporating more than 150 scriptural references, Biblical examples, and a Christian theme. Step-by-step guidelines and hands-on exercises enable you to enhance your academic performance and prepare for future career success.

Community College Success: How to Finish with Friends, Scholarships, Internships, and the Career of Your Dreams
By Isa Adney

While community colleges give financially disadvantaged students a chance to open the door to education, simply walking through that door is not enough. Once there, many students feel completely alone on their journey. In Community College Success, Isa Adney shares secrets for connecting with others that helped her win a $110,000 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship. This is the first book to combine a youthful and accessible author with networking strategies specifically targeted to first-generation and community college students.

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