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By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist

The drama went to the next level during Part 2 of the RHOA reunion. Phaedra and Kandi finally had it out. After a lot of back conversations, Kandi expressed her concern to Phaedra for bad talking their friendship. I have to tell you I was shocked with how emotionally detached Phaedra was to Kandi’s comments. She didn’t seem to care that Kandi has a life as well with big issues that need her attention. But, really, I’m not surprised, Phaedra is an interesting lady, you never know what to believe. I get that losing her husband to prison is tough for anyone, but pushing a real friend away and replacing her with a “friend for the moment like Nene” is not very smart.

Cynthia 2.0 was ready for her word match with Phaedra; I was impressed with her not giving up and speaking her mind. Cynthia also flipped Phaedra’s comment about her modeling for plus size magazines. Hello, Phaedra, you are in the category as well, why are you making plus size seem like a bad thing? Cynthia educated her that plus size modeling starts at size 8 and thanked her for the attention. Classy move.

The men joined this round, which made things really interesting, Peter rebutted accusations by Porsha and Phaedra about him cheating. He made it clear: It’s not happening. He also reminded the housewives that he will always have a voice and express it, women’s biz or not, so deal with it. It was interesting to hear, Greg, Nene’s man, express the opposite by saying he stays out of it and knows Nene will hold it down. Frankly it comes down to, respecting personalities. Greg is well spoken and funny, but likes to be in the background. Peter is bold and outspoken and likes attention.

Nene seem to wake up during Part 2, thanks to Kenya. You see, Kenya seems to hate when she’s portrayed as a loose woman and reacts in a mean way. She admitted flirting and justified it by saying all people flirt and mentioned Nene flirting with Peter as an example. Nene responded like the Nene we know, aggressively. I remember the scenes of Nene flirting with Peter and crushing on him; it was innocent but she flirted.

The check issue remains unresolved. At last years reunion, Nene challenged Kenya to make a donation to any charity she chooses for 20k and she would match it. Kenya did and now Nene refuses to pay. She justifies it by saying this makes a mockery out of charity. She got a lot of heat on social media because she’s dead wrong: this is about the charity, not politics. I hope she pays soon, because playing with karma is not smart.

There’s a reason that Atlanta is #1 in the franchise, it has the most drama. But, I’m waiting for some true fireworks in Part III.

On The Real Housewives of New York, Ms. Bethenny, is doing what I love. She is giving business advice, at least she tried, to Sonya. Bethenny agreed to visit Sonya’s showroom and that’s when the drama kicked off. Bethenny asked real questions and got very few answers. It’s like they want to be on TV but not share. That makes zero sense; we’ll see what happens.

I feel sorry for Sonya because she is struggling to find her purpose. She sees all the other ladies making money and making moves and she’s stuck. Everybody wants validation, but she’s not getting it. What I find interesting is how Heather who in a previous season admitted to not want-ing to deal with Sonya’s business. However, when she heard that Bethenny visited the show-room, she was insulted that she was not invited. What I really think is she fears that Bethenny may actually help Sonya and show up Heather in her domain.

On another note, Carole, is stressing over telling Luann about her tryst with her very young em-ployee/extended family member. Carole, is truly feeling this guy. I frankly do not get how a 20- year-old would connect with a nearly 60-year-old in an intimate relationship. Okay, I hi-five Carole that she attracts the young ones, but it does make her look like she’s trying to desperately hold on to her youth.

A newbie in reality town is Queens of Drama on the POP network and it is really good. You see, celebrities are a little peeved that reality stars are taking over the air-waves, this has been going on for a while. They realize either they sit there and complain or join them. So, we have Donna Mills (Abby from Knots Landing), Vanessa Marcil (from General Hospital and Beverly Hills 90210, Hunter Tylo (Bold and Beautiful) and few others from soap world. I feel like Abby is baack! Move over Bethenny, Donna, is claiming her territory very well.

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