By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist

Phaedra Parks seems to be settling in to her new role as a single mother with a little more peace than last year.

Kim Z’s twirling and shaking it up on “Dancing with the Stars.” Come on, we know she will be gone by Week 2.

Nene Leakes is talking about celebs and their fashion choices on Fashion Police. She’s doing it and I am so proud.

Kandi is enjoying her pending motherhood for the second time. So happy she got her wish.

Waiting on you to come back RHOA!

Married to Medicine: Delusional with major attitude…

Dr. Heavenly lost it. What is going on with her these days? I’m excited about her new dating app, heck I even signed up. What I’m not happy about is her disrespect towards Lisa Nicole Cloud (twice in one episode). First, she throws a fit over her dress arriving late. I get that part, but she fails to mention the dressmaker, Lisa Nicole. Really? Then, after realizing she’s one man short for her dating show, she grabs Darren (Lisa Nicole’s husband). Why not grab your own? It doesn’t end there. At an event (The PIQ party) attended by all the ladies and their spouses, Heavenly loses it over nonsense. She goes from smart chic to street within seconds. She yells at Jill like she’s on a playground. The saddest part, months later after seeing her poor behavior, she barely apologizes via Bravo’s blog.

Mariah’s back…
I’m excited, she lights up the screen with her beauty and her ‘tude. I could see the pain in her face from not feeling love from the ladies while she was away from the show. I hope she’s learned something, I know one thing, Quad is happy! Quad has a backup buddy to complement her crazy.

Real Housewives of New York
Deserves [RHONY] Earns a “B”

Well, it wasn’t a RHOA or RHOBH-style reunion, but it was interesting. The ladies on RHONYseemed real and eager to share their thoughts. Bethenny was a bit too talkative, almost taking over Andy, the host. Old habits die hard. Luanne seemed to refuse to admit any wrongdoing, an example of hypocrisy at it’s best.

Regarding Dorinda, have you heard the rumors? This was her first season and possibly her last because the fans supposedly did not like her. I’m not a fan of hers, but she’s about the same as other housewives. She’s princess delusional, meaning she wears the most expensive things. I assume fans did not take well to her slightly racist remarks, blowups and bullying of her man. But, it was interesting.

Sonya continues to deflect real issues and floats in her past life world. Someday she’s join us here on Planet Earth.

Kristen, I feel so bad for her, but at least the news came out post taping. She missed that bullet. Her alleged cheating husband is being forgiven by… would you believe Ramona. I know Ramona is enjoying every minute, the spotlight moves from her. I love that Kristen can speak to Tori Spelling, also a member of a fan club that you may not want to be a part of (cheating spouses).

The Real Housewives of the OC

Vicki Gulvanson, will it ever stop? You are the queen of bully-ville. If you are mad, you take it out on the world. I’m ready for you to move on and leave the show. You went too far this week by bad talking Meghan for caring about your man. You sounded stupid. The other ladies know you are wrong, but are too afraid of your wrath if they cross you.

Shannon Beador is like a 6th grader trying to hang with the bullies. She’s that ridiculous.

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